Cannonball Clothing

Our previous customers include Puma, Action Challenge (Organisers of London to Brighton Ultra/Walk) & Carphone Warehouse (Sponsors of race to the stones). Feel free to contact them to ask for reference of our work! We have also worked with several running clubs, associations & charities.

Bespoke Multi-Functional Headwear

Multifunctional headwear offers a cost effective alternative race memento or addition to club kit. They can be used in several forms and all types of purposes, but with one guaranteed outcome; the companies/clubs name stands out.

*Guaranteed delivery within 4 weeks of cleared Payment.

*Proven Track record; We have worked with several charities, Race organisors and Sports Firms.  Such as, Puma & Carphone Warehouse.

*Individually wrapped packaging with instructions on.

*All-inclusive prices with no hidden extras.

We offer 3 types:

1) Basic Design – with standard colours and multiple logos, – from as little as £1 per unit.

2) Sublimated / Digital Printing Design – have any design/picture of your choice on the material – from as little as £1.50 per unit.

3) Card Inlays / Unique Quality here you can combine any quality of the headwears and add you own card inlay design. – from as little as £1.88 per unit.

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Multifunctional Headwear prices

Unit Quality with basic design.


This price includes shipment costs

* Your main colour is not charged for and any additional colours are charged as below.

500pcs at – £800 – plus colours
1000pcs at £1300 – plus colours
2000pcs at £2000 – plus colours

** Add (£70) per colour. Others prices remain unchanged.
*** Black and white are considered as one colour
**** If the quantity is more than 2000pcs, the cost is really driven down as the courier has special rates for these

For example:
A – 3 colours tube at quantity of 500pcs, the price total is:
£800 x 2 colours (£70 x 2 = £140) (as base colour is free) = £940 delivered usually with a month – sometimes sooner

This works out for nicely packaged neck tubes (buffs), with illustrated instructions £1.68 per buff – beat that people and I will be very surprised.

to use your own pdf design please use this sizing guide

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Unit Quality

with Sublimated/digital print design.

We can also print larger images (such as maps/more complicated and detailed logos) directly onto the neck scarf.  This type of printing is slightly more costly as it involves more colours and a slight change of setting on the printing set up.  The cost to sublimiate your image onto the buff is

500 with sublimated image works out at £1300 including delivery.

1000 with  sublimated image works out at £2300 including delivery.

So for 500 this works out as £2.60 each and 1000 works out at£2.30 each.

to use your own pdf design please use this sizing guide

 Bespoke background cards, add some value…

We can also do any scarf with your personalised card board insert, your design and adds resale value to the item.

The cost of a basic design (none screen print/sublimated) is £2.50 each item and the minimum quantities are 2000 – this works out at £5000 including Tax, delivery and completion of order within 6 weeks.

For screen printing or sublimated designs – the cost is £3.50 each and the minimum quantities are 2000 – this works out at £7000 including Tax, delivery and completion of order within 6 weeks.

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Personalised Waterproof Running Belt


Minimum order 1000. Price per unit is £2.25 / £3.95

(Delivered, Designed and includes all taxes and charges).

We can quote on higher quantities too, please just ask, the more you buy the more you save.  Thanks.

Option 1: Water Repellent not Waterproof – but still a great value item.

Option 2: Waterproof and Reflective material- be seen and keep items dry.

Option 3: with Card insert (available for small extra cost).


· Easily store your keys, cards, cash and phone

· Perfect for running, walking, cycling, hiking and more!

· Pick yours in a shade that complements your logo or colour scheme.

· Material: Lightweight Canvas.  Waterproof material (option 2). Water repellent (option 1).

· 1 Logo or name on the Centre part of the belt (as shown on both).

· Card insert can be made for an additional small costs (great for resale value or sponsors exposure)

Double zip with expandable pouch – the same on both options.

Various colours are available, please ask us at inquiry stage.

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Arm Warmers / Sleeves

Many Colours

Fully UV protected, have your own small logo on bottom of sleeve (option 1) or multiple design (option 2).

Keep you warm in the winter or ideal for transitions between cooler climates in the summer. Great for cycling or running!
Size is in M for good unisex fit.

Minimum order of 500, but any quantity above can be quoted.


for example, 500pcs:  £2/£4.50each 1000pcs: £1.40/£4 each.

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Terms & Conditions

Please note we produce visual proof (In form of a pdf) and assist with design but cannot produce an exact copy of your design prior to order. We Can send you a copy of our own snakes if the products for you to see the quality and design.

We offer a full money back guarantee for customers who are unhappy with the design, but as yet we have had no returns.

All orders must be paid for in full before orders are placed.

All orders take from 4-6 weeks to be delivered.

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