Calderdale Way Prices & Prizes


Individual Runners: 

£60 (50.5M)
£38 (28.5M)

Team Pair: 

£98 (50.5M)
£68 (28.5M)

**Medals and travel to the start of the 28.5-mile course (should you need it) are “add-ons” that can be included when pre-entering online.

Online Entry

Price includes:

1) Detailed waterproof map with descriptions of the route.

2) Several Aid stations, with medical aid and various food and drink supplies -including vegetarian options. Flat coke and of course water.

3) Outdoor Angels offering mobile aid /race support.

4) Live arrival times at checkpoints, which means live results updated regularly !!

5) Commemorative Technical T-shirt, ladies and mens fit.

6) Free race photographs to keep the memories of your race fresh in the mind.

7) Amazing prizes that will include several spot prizes !!

 *All prices reflect the professional nature of the event, the health and safety precautions taken and the additional planning and preparation that running an event backed by UKA needs.

Previous Cannonball Ultra Runners may Receive offers to enter earlier or with reduced rates for limited times.

Free professional race photos

Terms & Conditions


Individual Prizes (50.5 / 28.5) vouchers

1st Man/Women  £120/£80

2nd Man/Women £80/£50

3rd Man/Women  £50/£30

Age Category (*10 year cats)

Team of 2 Prizes:

(£50/£30 of vouchers each)

First pair of men,

First pair of women,

First mixed sex team.

50.5mi Bonus Cash Prizes:

£100 to be awarded to any man who breaks 8 hours or any lady who breaks 8 hours 50 mins!

*Age Category Prizes – are split into 10-year categories from the age of 40 for the men and women. Where winners of other categories have also won their age category prizes will not be given to second place.