Cannonball 3 Day Event FAQs


When do I get my race number? 
Race numbers and timing chips are to be collected by each runner from the race HQ - The Cannonball Events Gazebo, near the King William IV, Shore Rd, Littleborough, OL15 9LW ***********

Can I enter on the day? 
Yes, entry will be accepted on race day between ************. 

Can I enter one or two of the races or do I have to do each race? 
There is no need to run all 3 races, prizes will be given at each individual race and for the overall event.

Can I change from the race 1 to a different race in the series? 
Please see the terms and conditions, there is a cut off time for a partial refund or discount from a future race. We start incurring costs as soon as an athlete enters and we cannot recoup these costs if an athlete pulls out of a race.

What time do I need to arrive on each race day? 
You should aim to arrive no later than ******* to give you time to register and warm up. Arriving late will only add to the pre race nerves!

Can I park anywhere? 
You can park on in the finishing field for free or on street. You must park legally, safely and responsibly, we want to keep our good relationship with the people of Shore!  

Where do the races start? 
The races start very close to registration, just on the lane just outside of the field.

Is there anywhere to leave my kit? 
You are advised to leave kit in your car at this race although you are welcome to leave your kit in the Cannonball Events Gazebo at your own risk.

I like to run with headphones, can I race with them? 
On 1st April 2016 UK:Athletics banned the use of headphones in all road races with any length of open single carriage roads and in any race in which the race directors have identified hazards. We have taken the decision to ban headphones of any type from all races. We believe athletes need to be able to hear instructions and warnings from marshals, other athletes and members of the public. Any athlete ignoring the no headphone rule will be disqualified and removed from the results with no refund. 

When will results be published? 
Provisional results will be online shortly after the race, usually within a matter of minutes. Please note these results are provisional and will not be sent to 3rd party websites until the relevant checks have been made.