Meridian Ultra FAQs


With the different championship races taking place can you explain the prize structure?
There will be three separate sets of prizes awarded.
1.     The British Athletics National 100k Championships.
2.     The Anglo-Celtic Plate.
3.     The Open Race. Cannonball events will award the first three male and female finishers in both the 50k and 100k events, regardless of nationality or club status. International athletes are more than welcome to take part in the race. We take pride in offering great prizes so look out for the prize list closer to the time.

Is the course accurately measured?
Yes, both courses have been measured accurately by an official from the Association of UK Course Measurers. Both courses have been issued with measurement certificates.  Our race will be overseen by a UKA/IAU Race Referee and an UKA Qualified Timekeeper.

Are the aid stations well stocked?
Yes, you will pass the main aid station (start and finish) and 4 aid stations on each lap.  The main aid station will have a variety of food (more substantial) and the standard (each 5k) stations with have more snack type food.  All aid stations will be stocked with water and (subject to sponsorship) some Electrolyte/Energy drink to power your race. 

Are there any additional Drink stations?
Yes, at each 5k.

Can I bring my own drinks for use in the race?
Yes, at the aid station there will be a dedicated table for athletes that want to use their own drinks during the race. Please use the labels provided to mark your bottles with your name.  Once labelled these can be then placed in the crates provided for each station. 

There will also be room in the aid station for you and your team to place a small table to keep your drinks away from the others.  We will provide space on the tables too but we are also happy for you to supply your own table.  We will have one member of staff to man the aid stations either side of the road, national teams feel free to supply your own staff.  Please note there is limited space at the side of the road so limit this to 1/2 members of your support team.  This table must be in place before the race starts. 

Are friends and family allowed to hand me gels or drinks during the race?
Food and drink may only be handed to athletes in the aid stations, it is strictly forbidden to do this anywhere else on the course. You are permitted to have one supporter in the aid station area to hand you your food and drink. This supporter must be stationary when s/he hands you the food or drink, they are not permitted to run alongside you.

Are friends and family allowed to spectate on the course?
Yes! However, please restrict your viewing points and access to the areas that are accessible without entering the race route. Please also adhere to the above ruling.  See map here for access points.

Can I wear any vest or shirt I choose during the 100k race?
Yes!  However the athletes taking part in the Anglo-Celtic cup must wear their national team kit.  All other runners who are members of clubs we recomend you wear your club kit as this race also incorporates the National Championships.  Your clubs can then take pride in your achievements. 

Can I wear a GPS enabled device? (eg Garmin watch)
Yes but you must not send the data elsewhere during the race.

Am I allowed to wear an MP3/Music player during either the 50k or 100k races?
IAAF rules have now been relaxed on this issue, personal music players are permitted to be worn. The use of such devices is conditional upon runners still being able to hear marshals' instructions and being aware of runners around them. Any runner found to be unable to hear the instructions of marshals may be asked to remove their music player – such decisions will be taken by the Race Director after consultation with the Race Referee and will be final.

I see the 100k event will have runners representing their national teams. Is the 100k suitable for normal runners too?
The 100k event is only suitable for runners with considerable distance running experience. The first finisher is expected to finish in under 7 hours. The race cut-off is 12 hours which is achievable for most ultra runners and anybody with the relevant experience will be made to feel very welcome. The race is a lapped race and there is regular support which makes it a very safe environment for a 62mile ultra. The 50k option is available to all runners who might not have the experience to run a 100k race. Most marathon runners would be more than capable of running 50k which is 31.1 miles.

I’ve entered but I am unable to run. Am I eligible for a refund or deferral?
Please see the terms and conditions.

What happens if I enter now but I am then selected to run for my country? Can I get a refund?
Yes. Under these circumstances we will certainly provide a refund of your entry fee. Well done on your success!

Can I use the 100k event to qualify for the Spartathlon Ultra Race?
Yes. The Spartathlon requires you to have run a 100k race in under 10:30. There can be few 100k races in Europe where it is easier or more cost effective to achieve the 100k qualification time than at this race.

What happens if I miss the 12 hour cut off for the 100k Event?
We understand that sometimes races do not go to plan and although the cut off time will be strictly adhered to we will award a 50k medal and the 50k split time as a n official finishing time to those 100k runners that miss the 12 hour mark. This way, provided they have passed the 50k mark, the athlete will not leave empty handed. Please note only the runners that enter the 50k event are eligible to win prizes in that event. Athletes awarded the 50k medal after being timed out of the 100k race are not eligible for 50k prizes.

Will there be official race photographs available?
Yes. We will have professional sports photographers on the course to capture your big day! They will be available shortly after the event to runners and media outlets.

Can I bring my dog with me?
Dogs are not permitted on the course in anyway. Spectators may fetch dogs with them but please keep them on a short lead and off the course to avoid tripping runners.

Can I have a support cyclist with me?
Cycles are not permitted on the course and support can only be given in the aid station area.

When will I receive my number/race pack?
We will not be sending anything via the postal mail. All pre-race communications will be sent via email, and repeated on the event website and our Facebook page/twitter page. Race numbers and timing chips are to be collected on race morning at Race HQ. This is located immediately adjacent to the car park, and just 30 yards from the race start. Race registration will be open from

06:00 to 07:00am (100K) and 08:00 to 09:00am (50K). Allow yourself plenty of time to park; collect your race number, chip and lap-counting bands. The café will be open, so you can enjoy a nice hot or cold drink and relax in or outside.

Will there be toilets on the course?
Yes. In addition to the toilets in the main building we will also have portable toilets and urinals situated near the start and finish of each 25km lap and at the 12.5km turn point per lap.

When will results be published?
Provisional results will be online usually within seconds of the runners crossing the line (via our "live timing”), where a mobile phone signal is present. Please note these results are provisional and will not be sent to 3rd party websites until the relevant checks have been made.