While we were doing statistics of our races we noticed that some people apear on race results again and again. We thought it was therefore fitting at a time when we are giving out gifts that we would reward runners for their loyalty shown. 

We are looking to repeat this process each year, so keep choosing us and it will pay off !! 

We have made a system of points based on the distances of each race. 


Here is the points system:

Ultra marathon solo = 10 pts
Ultra marathon in a team/pair = 6 pts
Half-marathon = 4 pts
Fell race (Windy Hill, Pendle 3 Peaks) = 3 pts
10k = 2 pts
5k/Trail race/Fell race (Sheep Fell Over) = 1 pt

Here are rewarding details:

10-14 pts (from more than 1 race) - free 5k race
or 25% discount for 5k series entry.
15-24 pts - Free 10k/Fell Race or 2 x 5k, or 50% discount for 5k series entry.
+25 pts - Free Ultra solo race or 25% discount for Trailblaster Team entry.


Here is a table of 2016 most loyal runners!

The vouchers are available for 3 months from the date of receiving the codes.


Where your contact details have been left we will contact you with your discount/free place code.

Should you not receive an email please contact us to get your code and claim your discount/free place.

Email: john@cannonballevents.co.uk