Marathon Relay Track Challenge


Do you?

Want to promote healthy lifestyles in safe enjoyable environment? 
Want an activity that everyone (regardless of their fitness/health) can take part in? 
Want an opportunity to raise money for a good cause? Such as your school, club, affiliate or chosen charities? 
Want to have one activity that can promote team bonding? 
Want to have something to show your achievements? 


Then the Marathon Track Challenge could be just what you are looking for ……

The concept


It’s a simple concept that can work for schools, social groups, businesses, sports teams, charities and many, many more groups.  The concept is to run around a 400m Race Track (either an athletics track or an area we can mark out) as a team relay until you reach the marathon distance. 

You can even have a go at breaking the world marathon record of 2:02:57.The fastest time we have achieved so far is 2:18.28

Teams can be up to 30 in participant size and each member can do as many or as few laps as they like.  The main aim is to get your team up to the golden Figure of 106 laps, at that stage you will have achieved the marathon distance.

So for example, each runner in a team of 26 could do 4 laps roughly (about 1 mile) and you would be close to achieving your goal.

Each runner can run 1 lap of 400m or if they are feeling good they can continue to as many laps as they like.  Each person in the team for each lap they complete will receive a full breakdown of their lap time, average lap time and total laps. 

Local athletics track Finder  - click the link.

Example of standard athletics track.

Example of standard athletics track.

Example of track marked out by ourselves, on concrete we would use cones or temporary line marker (biodegradable ) to mark the area. 

Example of track marked out by ourselves, on concrete we would use cones or temporary line marker (biodegradable ) to mark the area. 

Prices and what's included

Are based on a collective number of participants, feel free to join in with other groups in order to make additional savings.  Please note that the maximum number of teams is 40. It is up to you how many people you would like in each team and how many laps each person does! 

Up to 50 -   £1000
Up to 100 - £1200
Up to 150 - £1400
Up to 200 - £1500
Up to 300 - £1650
Up to 400 - £1800
Up to 500 - £1950

For numbers beyond 500 please email for a personalised quote. 


What's included in the package:

Each package can be tailored to meet your requirements, but the same minimum features apply to all packages:

Each runner will receive a commemorative medal, certificate and live results access.

Each group will have access to team sheets to help organise your groups and a dedicated email help line to assist you with any questions you may have prior to the event. 

Each group can feel safe and assured with the professional First Aid station*.

Optional extras

Measurement of challenge area.  Should you be unable to make it to a local running track then we can measure an appropriate area to allow you to do the challenge closer to your area.  We will charge a small fee for the organisation and measure of this area. 

Each group will have the option to add a Multifunctional Head scarf for an additional £1.50 per runner. These are a cracking mementoes and can be used in various modes to suit the customer requirement.  For example, they can made into headbands, Neck Warmers, Hats, bandanas etc,etc.  

Such as the following example (bespoke design to follow):

Each group can select a prize option.   These can include the above or a selection tailored to suit your needs.  Please contact us for some examples

Each organisation can have the opportunity to race for free by taking up one of charity packages.  Our charity partners are “The British Red Cross” and “The Running Charity” (working with DePaul’s on homeless projects involving running).  

*this is fully equipped and includes all resuscitation and defibrillator technology. 

CHarities /

running for your own cause !!

We have recently partnered with 2 charities (The British Red Cross and The Running Charity click the links for further info on what they do !!) who will happily pay your fees for the day should you agree to match the cost of the experience with sponsorship funds.  They will also further support your cause through educational resources, visits (where possible) and through free merchandise.  Therefore, you can promote healthy lifestyles and educate and support through the charity.  

Both charities are close to our hearts and have an amazing impact upon less fortunate people than ourselves. 





The technology we use is state of the art and the timing mats and decoders and can be set up in a matter of minutes.  We bring everything to the location. 

During the event you will get to know exactly how far in front or behind you are to the next team and the best bit is that it is all “live”.  Parents, loved ones, charities and your team mates can see the challenge as it unfolds lap by lap.  At the location all runners will have access to large touch screen display screens that will allow them to check their progress. 

Its also very easy to see on tablets and smartphones.   

 Example of team results.

Example of individual results data.


The whole concept is simple and very effective and is designed in such a way to make your experience easy.  When you enter you will receive a pack that explains all the rules, setup and team sheets you need to make the day an enjoyable and fun experience.  

To see an example of how it works and the results systems see this link.