Why Choose Trailblaster

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Why Choose Trailblaster above other similar events

Here at Cannonball Events we strive for perfection with all our races and are passionate about creating each race with it own unique personal identity.  Our Trailblaster event is not just a race, it’s a fun, friendly and well supported experience like no other. Having now raced and experienced other Ultra events first hand, we have listed a few areas that we feel makes our event standout:

1. Free, High Quality Aid stations available to every competitor!

2. High value Prizes to each competitor on the podium of each event.

3. The race takes place within a closed park around a fast exciting varied 5km loop. This means that no navigation skills are necessary and is perfect for all abilities and goals.

4. Due to where The Trailblaster falls on the calendar, it is the perfect conditioning race for a later summer 12/24-hour event, or as a build up to an Autumn marathon.

5. Every competitor will receive high-quality free mementoes, courtesy of our race partners.

6. We are one of only a few races that plays music that is solely chosen by the competitors.

7. We offer free race certificates, that displays all your personal and team race data.

8. Finally, and most importantly, we offer live timing throughout the whole event. This is fully accessible in real time on any smart phone or tablet. This allows tactics to come into play!

We hope this helps you choose our event, regards… Team Cannonball Events.