Calderdale Way Ultra Races

2018 Date TBC

2 choices: 28.5 Miles or 50.5 Miles.
Run it solo, as a pair or even as a team of four (in the 50.5 only).
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Calderdale Way

Date: 2018 Date TBC

Registration: 50.5 mile runners are advised to register between 4pm and 7pm on Friday 1st June. Those that cannot make this registration can register between 05:00 and 05:15 on Saturday morning.

28.5 route runners registration is at Race HQ from 09:00 until 10:30 on Saturday June 2nd.

Race: 50.5 course starts 06:00. 28.5 mile course starts 12:15

The Stunning Calderdale Way

Famed for its iconic landmarks, immense scenery and runnable hills, the trails and fells of the Calderdale Way are a favourite among runners and walkers from the North of England. It offers stunning views and takes on the best parts of the Pennine Way.

You may have experienced parts of the course in The Calderdale Way Relays, or perhaps it’s part of your favourite training runs – up to Stoodley Pike for example. Be one of the few runners to complete the full Calderdale Way route in one go in our 50.5 mile Ultra-marathon.

Competing as either solo, pairs, or teams of 4 (new feature !!) pairs or teams of 4 can be made up of any gender combination and multiple clubs. the race is great for charity challenges or to complete something out of the ordinary with club/team mates.

The 50.5 mile option also carries 4 pointstowards the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc®. 

The 28.5 mile option is a great introduction for runners looking to make the step-up into running and competing in Ultra-marathons.  For those familiar with the Calderdale Way Relay, its basically legs 6,1 & 2 combined. Why not use your knowledge of the legs to compete in an Ultra Marathon?

The 28.5 mile option also carries 2 points towards the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

New for 2017 : Guides

We are aware that not all runners can get to Yorkshire to recce the route and some newer runners may struggle with map reading. With this in mind we will introduce a guide runner in the 2017 event. The guide will navigate the course just ahead of the cut off times. New runners can rely on the experienced guide runner to pace make for them and keep them from taking a wrong turn. Runners can concentrate on running, taking in the incredible views and enjoying the event.


This race has been run annually since 2014. View the live results here and track your runner.


Best Ever Performances

The Calderdale Way Ultra Trail Race’s Best Ever Performances.

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Navigating the course

Thanks to a partnership with CROWS CO-OP and Calderdale Council the course will be fully marked with an extra 250 markers! This will make the course (coupled with the great map for back up) very easy to navigate. 

Click below for map. Actual map is high Quality colour and design, this is just a web version. For those less confident with navigating we have guide runners towards the back of the race. The guides will navigate the course and pacemake runners to beat the cut off times.

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