Basic info

Date: 26th March 2017

Time: First race starts at 07:00 please see Itinerary

Location: Rochdale Canal - Manchester /Sowerby Bridge


limited places - 50k sold out last year. 

            UP TO 1ST OCTOBER 2016. 

50KM - £50,  75KM - £55,  100KM - £60

Jonny Bromilow's superb finish to the 100k event.

Jonny Bromilow's superb finish to the 100k event.

Race across the Yorkshire & Lancashire counties.

Racing across mountains, hills, fells and trails in Ultra-marathon distances is great for the soul, much like in our Calderdale Way Ultra. However, the opportunity to record fast, flat miles over Ultra distances is not often achievable. For this reason, we created The Canalathon.


No navigation needed, no hill climbing necessary, just worry about getting from point A to B. 

50Km Info

50km: Online Entry

(9.5 hour limit) 300 place limit - due to the popularity of this distance we have increased this limit. 

Start: Great Ancoats, Manchester.

Finish: Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. 

Route Description: A 31-mile Ultra-marathon across the famous Route 66 Rochdale Canal

Pacing and Cut Off Information

50km Map and GPX File

75km info

75km: Online Entry

(11 hour limit) 75 places limited Entry - due to the popularity of this distance we have increased this limit. 

Start: Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Finish: Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Route Description: A 46-mile Ultra-marathon that is an out and back route from Sowerby to Oldham and back to Sowerby. 

Pacing and Cut Off Information

75km Map and GPX File

100km info

This Race has been awarded: 4 UTMB Points

This Race has been awarded: 4 UTMB Points

100km: Online Entry

(13 hour limit) 100 places limited Entry

Start: Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. 

Finish: Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Route Description: A 62-mile Ultra-marathon beginning in Sowerby Bridge, follows the route all the way until Manchester, turns and follows the same route back, ending where you started in Sowerby Bridge.

Pacing and Cut Off Information

Ideal as a qualifier race for other races. 

100km Map and GPX File

Detailed info

Canalathon extras

Medals now available.

After popular demand, we have gone above and beyond to bring medals to the Canalathon.

These are available to purchase when you book online, or you can edit your entry so that you can receive the much deserved medal for your efforts.


Be a canalathon champion

Running an Ultra is all about the challenge, and we wanted to keep on giving you challenges each and every year.

Running your first Ultra in the 50km Canalathon is a fantastic achievement, but can you improve on that?

Can you go a step further and race in the 75km, and then the 100km? If you can, you'll receive your own exclusive, free Canalathon medals board to proudly display your 50/75/100km medals. We had so many first time ultra runners take part in the 2016 50k event that we have extended the cut off time for the 2017 75k event. We hope some of the first timers take on the 75k now the cut off is a little more accessible. 

We intend to make The Canalathon a permanent fixture in your diary. With the Canalathon medals board, we hope to see you come back and add to it each year.




The Canalathon is a fantastic introduction to ultra running. A flat, picturesque route that requires no navigation. With it being only 5 miles beyond marathon distance, it is very achievable as well. Of course if you want to push yourself further you can do the 75K or 100K races.
— Jonny Whiteoak
The canal is a nice varied and picturesque day out. The small amount of industrial land isn’t actually bad, then there are small towns, mills, countryside, and finally you find yourself among the hills.
— Nicholas Wolverson
This was a great race which I would defiantly recommend. Its ideal as a 1st ultra as there is no navigation required for the 50km and the 75km tunnel bit will be improved next year!
— Helen James