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We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Please find our terms and conditions.

The moment you enter our race we start to incur administration costs and banking charges, simply in processing your entry and payment. We also incur further charges in administering cancellations and processing refund payments.

No refund can be given if the race has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside our control, for instance by order of the government due to foot and mouth, the weather etc, etc. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event, and the main costs from contractors, suppliers, administration etc are already committed well before race day.

Where possible we will look to restage the race, however with a very busy calendar and various orgainsational factors to consider this may not always be humanly possible.

These terms and conditions also extends to any additional costs of transport and accommodation. For cancellation of those, our policies will always be based on the booking company’s policies.

Furthermore, most races do not offer any form of refund at all if a runner decides to cancel their place because of injury, illness, lack of training or change of plan. There are many other instances of higher priced services, such as plane, train or theatre tickets where no refunds can be given for cancellation in these circumstances.

However, in fairness to runners who cannot compete for whatever reason, those applicants who cancel their entry before the date we start to process our race pack 5 weeks before race day will now be offered:

  • £5 credit towards another cannonball race for 5k, trail and fell races
  • a partial refund of £5 (or a £7.00 credit towards the cost of a Guaranteed Entry in the following year’s Race) for 10k races
  • a partial refund of  25% of entry fee (or a  35% of entry fee credit towards the cost of guaranteed entry in the following year’s race) for Half to Ultra Marathons.

After the 5 week cut off date we will offer you a Guaranteed Entry in the following year’s race if you notify us of your withdrawal. This will allow you an extended period to register your entry where the ‘early bird discount’ prices are on offer.

Each year we receive quite a few requests to transfer places from one runner to another. But like plane tickets, each entry is personally registered to a specific named individual. Reallocating race numbers and amending data held on the computer system at races would require considerable administration time and we would have to significantly increase the cost of all entries to cover cost of the additional staff required. That is why we feel it is fairer to all entrants to offer partial refunds or Guaranteed Entries to runners who cancel their entries.

Running in someone else’s race number can have very serious consequences if the runner suffers a medical emergency – we have had cases where we have been unable to identify or contact families of runners who have suffered potentially life-threatening conditions whilst using someone else’s race number. The accuracy of the race results is also effected when runners are placed in the wrong age and sex category.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel applications, including duplicate applications, or alter the date of the event, the course route or distance.


Entrants who write to us notifying us of cancellation of their entry before the 5 week cut off will be an offered:

  • £5 credit towards another cannonball race for 5k, trail and fell races
  • a partial refund of £5 (or a £7.00 credit towards the cost of a Guaranteed Entry in the following year’s Race) for 10k races
  • a partial refund of  25% of entry fee (or a  35% of entry fee credit towards the cost of guaranteed entry in the following year’s race) for Half to Ultra Marathons.

No refunds can be given after this date.

Payment of refunds and confirmation of credits or Guaranteed Places will normally be issued within 14 days of receipt of request, although there may be instances of delay in busy times close to race day.


Entries are personal to the applicant, and race numbers cannot be sold or transferred. Any runner who competes in another person’s race number will be disqualified.

Ultra Completion Promise

We realise that things do not always go to plan on race day, and that you will have put in a huge amount of time and effort to train for an Ultra race. For this reason we have introduced our Ultra Completion Promise. Any runner who starts one of our Ultra Races and is unable to complete it will be offered a guaranteed place and a 30% discount off the entry fee to the same race the following year. This gives you the chance to keep on trying until you achieve success. Usual reasons for being unable to complete include illness such as an upset stomach, injuries sustained during the race, such as blisters and sprains, or simply being timed out at a checkpoint. Cannonball Events must be satisfied that you started the race in good enough shape to complete and that was your intention. This policy will not cover competitors who are disqualified from the race for breaking the rules, or competitors who are not allowed to run because they do not have the correct kit.

As Trailblaster is a lapped race with breaks and stoppages allowed and Rother Valley Ultra Marathon is a lapped race, the Ultra Completion Promise is offered only if you have completed 3 laps or more.

Duplicate Entries

Duplicate entries made in genuine error will be refunded in full.
We reserve the right to cancel all entries and donate all entry fees to one of the race charities where we have reason to believe that duplicate entries have been deliberately made by an applicant with the intention of subsequent re-sale – ie ‘ticket touting’.

Where duplicate entries are made for different categories of entry we reserve the right to decide which category of entry will apply and which will be cancelled. For instance, where an applicant has applied for both a general public place and a reserved fundraising place (eg official race charity or corporate challenge) we will normally decide to cancel the general public place in favour of the fundraising place.


UK Athletics from April 1st 2016 have banned the use of headphones in any races that are not on completely closed roads and have said that all races that may involve partial closures or closed roads are subject to a local ruling. This ruling is given by the race organiser using their risk assessments. As race organisers we are banning the use of headphones in all our races, should you decide to wear headphones and we spot you during or after the race (from photos etc) we will disqualify you from the race, remove you from the results and you will not be entitled to a refund (as you will have broken the race rules). We understand that you may train with headphones and are used to wearing them but the risks far outweigh any personal gain a runner may achieve by wearing them. Wearing headphones makes it virtually impossible for marshals, emergency services and the general public to communicate with runners and when running on roads, narrow paths or near water this is crucial.