The Meridian Ultra Road Race 50/100km

Open 50Km/100km Road races, incorporating the British ATHLETICS NATIONAL 100km Road Race Championship, the Anglo celtic plate home countries 100km racE AND ENGLAND ULTRA DISTANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS 50KM. 


Basic Info

Date: May 21st 2017.

Registration:  At the Race HQ

Saturday 20th May between 16:00 and 21:00


Race day, Sunday 21st May

100Km athletes between 06:00 and 07:00. 

50Km athletes between 08:00 and 09:00.

50KM suitable for wheelchair athletes, see below for further details. 

Race Start Times: 100Km: 07:30 and 50Km: 09:30

Time Limits: 100Km: 13 hours and 50Km:  10 hours

Minimum Age: 20 (on race day)

Race HQ: Patrington Haven Leisure Caravan Park, Patrington, HU12 0PT

National Selectors can contact us here to allow us to invoice and provide your entry codes for your selected athletes.

Copy of Race License     Course Measurement



Why Meridian?

The race starts less than two Kilometres from the Greenwich Meridian Line, which in 1884, became the Prime Meridian of the World; Longitude 0º. Every place on earth is measured in terms of its distance east or west from this line. If you are looking for a photo opportunity a plaque and sign can be found on Welwick Rd just after the Equestrian Centre, to the south east of Partington village.

The course

Starting by the picturesque lake on Partington Haven Leisure Park, you head out through the village and turn right on Main St, at 1.5km having battled the 2 metre climb, turn left into the wide open countryside on Outstray Rd.

Turning south onto Newlands Rd you then continue towards Sunk Island, aptly named as at this point you are running less than one metre above sea level. A little shimmy at Newlands Farm and a right turn onto Stray Rd take you to the 5km point (5M above sea level).

A sharp left onto Channel Rd takes you round the sweeping loop along East Bank Rd, past the 10km point and to the quaint church on your right at the Sunk Island crossroads. Here you head straight across towards Stone Creek and the turn point, then it's back along the same route to the park where you finish with a pop around the lake to complete 25km those who entered the 50km will need to do this twice to earn their medals, 100km runners four times.



The race encapsulates the following events:

An open 100km/50km measured road race, incorporating British 100km road championship and the England Ultra distance championships for 50km. This race can be competed by any runner, of any ability who can meet the time limits and experience requirements of the race.

The 100k race also incorpates the annual Anglo Celtic Plate home countries event. Competed by Nationally selected athletes from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  Please click here for a history of the Anglo Celtic Plate Compeition.

The 50km(31.1 miles) to our knowledge, is one of only two certified accurate 50km road events in 2017. It is an ideal test for anyone wanting to attempt his or her first ultra and is also a perfect distance for a measure of your current fitness levels for longer races you plan or may have entered.

The 100km is, to our knowledge, one of only two certified accurate 100km road event in 2017.  It is a perfect opportunity for experienced ultra runners and marathoners to challenge themselves over the internationally recognised distance of 100km.  It is also an ideal event if you are aiming for a longer 100-mile ultra later in the summer.

Both races will benefit from our live results, great for coaches and team managers to keep track of their athletes progress. Click on the image to see all the information that will be available during the race.

Race tshirt and medal

Detailed Info

Accurately Measured Ultra Marathon Event