Here at Cannonball we love to support charities.

Running is low cost, a sociable activity, great for goal setting or personal achievement and most importantly, anybody can do it in some form.  This makes it a perfect vehicle for raising money and awareness through charities. 

We have found a way to encourage you to run our Ultra / Team Relay events, raise money (with sensible financial expectations) and receive a free place.

We have two charity partners, both are close to our hearts and are great causes.  We have met several times with the fund raising managers of both and are working on several projects with them.

The two companies are The British Red Cross and The Running Charity.

The two have some cross over projects but broadly speaking the Running Charity, supports the youth homeless and uses running as vehicle to providing a better future to those currently homeless.  It combines running and fitness with training opportunities, helping to raise self esteem and boost employment skills. 


They have some amazing success stories and are truly inspiring. 

Interested !! You can find out more by going onto their website 





The process of how to gain your free team or individual entry place is really simple:

1)    Click the logo above – to contact us

2)    Agree to their basic terms and conditions. 

These are straightforward and standard such as the minimum amounts required to gain in sponsorship to allow for the free place to be released.  In both cases its roughly a 4:1 ratio based on the entry price.  For example, the Calderdale Way 50.5mile individual option entry is priced at £57 so the minimum fund raising levels would be £228.

3)    Receive your free entry code and enter the race.

4)    Receive the Charities support and complete the event.


We are also looking at putting on events with these charities and supporting their causes in the future.  Should you like to volunteer for charity then please click on the following link for their online contact